The Mycenaean Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Missouri in 1967 at the initiative of the late George Mylonas, renowned archaeologist, archaeology professor at Washington University, St. Louis, and excavator of Mycenae (1952-1988). The Mycenaean Foundation is currently based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., and maintains a foreign base of operations at Mycenae, Argolid, Greece under the legal status of a foreign non-profit organization. The Mycenaean Foundation operates exclusively for scientific, educational, cultural, and charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3).

The Mycenaean Foundation is dedicated to discover, preserve, and teach, thus bridging the past with the future, culture with nature, research with education with a strong focus on interdisciplinary and international collaboration. Among other contributions, the Foundation sponsors the archaeological excavations of Mycenae and Lamia, subsidizes scholarly publications, and provides a summer base of operations for the Mycenae excavation team at the Melathron Center; serves Greek and American scholars working in the region (availing the library, study rooms, lab and work space for archaeologists, students, technicians); organizes and hosts study abroad programs; makes contributions to various organizations; promotes public interest in humanities, arts, sciences through public lectures, seminars, workshops, colloquia, and conferences at the Melathron Center; serves the international academic community and the local communities in the wider region; and fosters Greek-American collaboration.

The Mycenaean Foundation has developed into an educational and research international hub that facilitates education and practical training, interdisciplinary faculty research, faculty-student research collaboration, and cultural immersion of foreign students in Greece. The Foundation’s Melathron Center at Mycenae, Greece, organizes and hosts every year the “Greek Odyssey” semester/summer study abroad program for undergraduate foreign students (, a program endorsed by the International University Alliance (IUA) and the Study In Greece (Official Portal of the Hellenic Republic). The academic curriculum includes interdisciplinary courses in classics, history, art, studio art, field archaeology, archaeology, geophysics, geoarchaeology, bioarchaeology, paleo-environmental studies, archaeometry, archaeoastronomy, cultural heritage management, and theatrical studies ( The Melathron Center has also organized and hosted thematic short-term summer study abroad programs tailored for other institutions in the past (Dickinson College, University of South Carolina, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts), and currently hosts two new study abroad programs in Greece: “Hermes: Global Studies in Ancient & Modern Diplomacy” for the Institute of World Politics, and “Nostos”, a cultural immersion summer program for high school students of the Greek diaspora.

These study abroad programs apply a holistic integrative educational model that transcends geographical, temporal, scientific or cultural borders, by combining theoretical learning with hands-on practical training, classroom with travel, education with cultural immersion, learning with critical thinking, interdisciplinary approach with international focus, thus engaging majors from all over the world and across the spectrum, sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and encouraging personal and academic growth for students.  

The Mycenaean Foundation further aims to sponsor new archaeological projects at other Aegean prehistoric sites under the auspices of the Society for Prehistoric Archaeology, train undergraduate students in archaeological fieldwork, establish scholarships for graduate students studying Aegean Prehistory and research fellowships for scholars.

Charitable donations to the Mycenaean Foundation are tax deductible.  

For inquiries, information, or charitable donations, please, contact Professor Christofilis Maggidis at [email protected], or write to the Mycenaean Foundation, 950 Walnut Bottom Rd, Ste 15, #218, Carlisle PA 17015, or download the Mycenaean Foundation brochure. 

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