Board of Directors (2023): Officials

President (5th): Prof. Christofilis Maggidis 

Secretary, Vice-President for Operations in Greece: Prof. Maria Anastassiathe 

Past Presidents of the Board of Directors:

4th President (2001-2013): Professor Philip Betancourt (biography)

3rd President (1997-2001): Dr. Malcolm H. Wiener (biography)

2nd President (1996-1997): Mrs. Patricia Hecker (biography)

1st President (1967-1996): Dr. Betty Grossman (biography

Advisory Board:

Steve De Laet (retired, BoD)

Dianne De Laet (retired, BoD)

Garry Pratt (retired, BoD)

Joseph Wagman (retired, BoD)

Deborah Wince-Smith (retired, BoD)