The Melathron Center of the Mycenaean Foundation is located in the northeastern Peloponnese, approximately 140 km (two-hour drive) from Athens, the capital city of Greece. The campus of the Center extends over three acres of land atop a hill at Mycenae overlooking onto the Argolic Plain and Gulf, with a breathtaking rear view to the Mycenaean citadel of Agamemnon. The stone buildings of the Center ('Melathron' and 'McCarthy House'), property of the Mycenaean Foundation, were built in 1967-1972 by the late Professor G. Mylonas to serve as the summer base of operations for the archaeologists and students of the Mycenae excavation team, and as an archaeology research center for Greek and foreign scholars.

The buildings comprise 9,000 sq.ft. of living and work space, classrooms, offices, labs, computer rooms, the Wiener library and ceremonial Grand Hall, a central atrium surrounded by porticos, an open-air theatrical area on the hill slope suitable for classes and performances, as well as a unique, one-acre outdoor dig simulator (under construction), which will feature reconstructed ruins, portable finds, and reproduced actual stratigraphy of diagnostic archaeological contexts for ‘hands-on’ practical training in archaeological fieldwork, geophysical survey methods, and conservation (a gigantic version of the indoor Keck Simulated Excavation Field at Dickinson College, cf. The Melathron has been restored to its former glory to host the American Center for Archaeology at Mycenae (A.C.A.M.)

The MELATHRON American Center for Archaeology at Mycenae ( offers a unique undergraduate study abroad program ("Greek Odyssey"), administered by the University of South Carolina and the Mycenaean Foundation, accredited by the University of South Carolina (“school of record”), and endorsed by the International University Alliance (IUA) and the Study In Greece (Official Platform of the Hellenic Republic). The Greek Odyssey study abroad program (semester, Maymester, and summer session) serves an academic consortium of American and foreign universities (affiliate institutions).  This interdisciplinary program focuses on archaeology and related disciplines, such as bioarchaeology, geoarchaeology, geophysics, geology, paleoenvironmental studies, archaeometry, archaeoastronomy, cultural heritage protection/management, classical civilization, ancient history, ancient/modern Greek, art history, studio art, and theatrical studies, requiring no prior experience in archaeology, transcending disciplines, and engaging majors from across the spectrum, sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.

Students study at Mycenae, reside at Nafplion, where they immerse in the local cultura, entertainment, and shopping, and participate in organized field trips and study tours all over mainland Greece and the islands in the weekends. All courses are taught in English by prominent Greek and American professors. 

This intensive study abroad program offers an unparalleled experience for students from all over the world to spend a semester in one of the most spectacular sites of ancient Greece, study and travel all over Greece, while doing hands-on archeological work and learning basic skills that will serve them regardless of major and career. 

The MELATHRON American Center for Archaeology at Mycenae aspires to become a dynamic international platform for education and practical training, interdisciplinary faculty research, faculty-student research collaboration, and cultural immersion of students in Greece. Among other thing, the Center will train students and archaeologists in a pioneer dig simulator, establish endowed scholarships and fellowships for graduate students, subsidize scholarly publications, sponsor archaeological fieldwork, offer accommodation for foreign scholars conducting research in the region, promote interest in archaeology and other related disciplines through lectures, seminars, and international conferences, and foster Greek-American collaboration.